mardi 3 juin 2014

Tribute to "The Chameleons"

The tribute to The Chameleons...
A project that we would love to make. It is simply an avantgardist version of songs by The Chameleons. If you love the band and would like to have your chance to reccord your own version of it, contact us through the bandcamp page of any bands of this list.

Why do we want to do this? First, because it is a band that three of the bands of our label are loving. Then, this is not a band that had as much attention has it worth, and we didn't want to do a tribute to a band that still had a thousand tributes albums. The final reason is because the composition have an avantgarde potentiel, so it sounds good to make it to it's extreme.

Here is the official website of The Chameleons: Go check out and buy their reccords, they are an awesome band and too much underrated.

We don't have a release date yes, our priority is still the project of alternatives soundtracks, but we would love to have some interresting bands to do this tribute right after.

Thanks to everybody,
All the bands from Pan&Goat Records

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